More suited to hell than heaven...

Rose / Myca / Haza / Poppy / Other
nonbinary | they/them | 24
Meteorology + English
Writer; Original and fandom content creator, Vtuber, Artist!
RP Server maker and DM


Not neurotypical!
Mostly I talk about games, my writing/reading, fandom goings ons, whatever comes to mind. Occasional opinions and learning process on such things.

Interests: BNHA, Bleach, Arknights, Senbasa, MDZS, Gintama, BSD, TKRB, Soul Sacrifice, TTRPG
Others: Meteorology, short fiction, witchcraft, literature


Primarily Discord based MFRP ~3 years. OC + Fandom.
Experience in para, chat, and script styles + making servers! I like sci fi and fantasy verses primarily or AU's.
Muses: Feral, mom friends, and excitable gays
TTRPGS: Homebrew + DnD
Reading: Blue Rose + Coriolis + 1 Pagers


ship pedophilia/incest/are ddlg
you're going to soft over personal posts

Emetophobia + Motion sickness
Optical Illusions/flashing gifs
Kin hate

I don't post much triggering stuff but if I do it's tagged in the post or via lrt posts. Feel free to tell me if you need something tagged.